The Source

3 For what does the Scripture say (Romans 4)?

A few years ago, a wristband simply stamped with the letters WWJD was marketed, and enjoyed record sales.  “What Would Jesus Do?” became a mantra for Christians all over the world.  It was a good mantra.  But we already know what Jesus would do — He would go to the Source.  He, the Living Word, would go to the Scriptures, the Written Word, penned by His own hand through the Holy Spirit.

In the end we, too, can never do any better than what Paul (the greatest Christian ever) did here, and certainly no better than what our Savior did — and that is to go back to the source, the Scriptures.  As brilliant as Paul was, his intellect could never exceed the wisdom and truth of God’s Word.  And as holy as Jesus, the very Son of God, was, with so many of His words as the Son of Man ultimately becoming Scripture, still, time and time again He could do no better in making His point on issue after issue, than to quote the Scriptures.

Lord, thank You for Your Word!  Help us to read it, listen to it, study it, contemplate it, memorize it, speak it, and above all — to live it.  This Day and every day.  Amen.