Divine White-Out

7 “Blessed are those … whose sins have been covered (Romans 4).

This is the only time in the whole Bible where this word for “covered” is used.  It’s root “kalupto” (to veil or to cover) itself is used only 7 times in the Bible.  Paul added the preposition “epi” (upon, over) in front of it, and voila — you have, “to cover over” something so that it is completely concealed or hidden from sight.

Older folks like me remember well using White-Out to cover up typing mistakes.  To us it was one of the greatest inventions ever, because not only did it eliminate all the fallen eraser shavings gumming up our type-writers, but it also meant no more torn or crumpled sheets of typing paper from erasing too hard.

The blood of Jesus is a sort of divine flow of White-Out that does no damage to us, as it simply covers over all our mistakes (sins) so that they are completely hidden from the eyes of God.  All the damage fell on Jesus, not us.

Lord, thank You for covering over and completely hiding all our sins!  Thank You for bruising Jesus, instead of us!  Help us to live with grateful hearts today for Your Divine White-Out.  May the life we live and the words we say, at least This Day, point people to it.  Amen.