Delivered and Raised

25 He who was delivered over because of our transgressions, and was raised because of our justification (Romans 4).

To save us sinners, the All-knowing, All-powerful Judge of all creation did two things: 1) He “delivered” His only begotten Son into the hands of evil men to be crucified, paying the full and complete penalty for our “transgressions”, and then 2) He “raised” Him up from the dead, proving He had also cancelled the penalty of death by “justifying” all those for whom He was crucified.  The one involved unspeakable pain and sadness, the other unspeakable gladness and joy.

The death and resurrection of Jesus are two sides of the same coin — the coin of salvation.  The transgressions were ours by nature, and the justification became ours by gift.  Jesus had no transgressions and therefore He needed no justification. 

The day we come together in worship is the Lord’s Day — the day when Jesus was raised and we were justified.  Help us, Lord, to celebrate This Day by walking in such a way that shows our new life in Christ through being forever justified.  Amen.