Starting Point

1 Therefore, having been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, (Romans 5).

Everyone is seeking peace, and yet not finding it.  The problem is, they are using the wrong starting point by seeking it within themselves, instead of “with God” and are trying to find it with everything besides God.  We all have to learn we can never find inner peace within ourselves until we have found outer peace with God.  Inner turmoil can only be chased away by the justification found in Christ.  When we become right with God, we find ourselves more and more right with … ourselves.

Peace within comes from peace without.  Having peace with God means I have been justified, which means I have been forgiven.  Thus, true inner peace comes only through knowing I have been forgiven and declared righteous.  And this is so only “through our Lord Jesus Christ” — through what He has done for me, and never through what I can do for myself.

Having peace with God trumps everything else.  When I am not finding peace with others, I must remember my starting point: I have peace with God.  And having peace with God helps me to have peace with others.  When I am not finding peace with my personal circumstances, I must remember my starting point: I have peace with God.  My personal circumstances will change like shifting sand, but my personal relationship with God stands on solid ground and will never change.

Lord, we thank You for this peace we have with You.  Help us to keep this as our starting point This Day as we run the race of faith.  We believe if we do this, then we will also find inner peace — no matter what our circumstances.  Amen.