In-Between Points

1 Therefore, having been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through our Lord Jesus Christ (Romans 5).

There is a very little word here that is extremely important — it is the word “we”. When we become right with God, we find ourselves more and more right with … others.  Yes, I have peace with God as both my Starting and Ending Points, and each of us is responsible for themselves in finding that peace for themselves.  I cannot find it for you, and you cannot find it for me.  Yet, while this peace must be found one at a time individually, its consequences must be happening all the time corporately, that is, in community.  

When I am not finding peace with others, I must remember I have peace with God — and His peace must trump everything else.  Having peace with God helps me to have peace with others.  The condition of my personal relationships may change like shifting sand, but the condition of my personal relationship with God stands on solid ground and will never change.  That is because it is founded on the unalterable finished work of Jesus.

If I have peace with the One who loves me and died for me, what does it matter if others hate me and I can do nothing to change it?  If I have peace with the Holy and Righteous Judge of Heaven, whom I have wronged and who has forgiven me, how can I hold a grudge against others who I think have wronged me?

Lord, while we are running this race in-between the Starting and Ending Points, help us to run it in such a way that we have peace with as many others as we can — especially the brethren, with whom we are running alongside.  Help us This Day to help them run well, too.  Amen.