We Cannot Unsee

14 For we know … (Romans 7).

Three times now (6:3,16; 7:1) Paul has asked his readers, “Do you not know …?” conveying a sense of his incredulity that they would not know.  Now, having built his case, it is time for him to say very emphatically, “For we know ….”  

Personally, it is with a great sense of incredulity now, as I look back at my ignorant days as an agnostic living in all the doubt that once ruled my youth.  Because now I “know” the truth so clearly and so strongly, it is almost impossible to conceive the fact that once I did not know.

A man born blind and then by some medical miracle is given sight, with clear images now constantly bombarding his consciousness — such a man certainly must find it almost impossible to conceive again the fact of once living in darkness.  Being born again bearswith it an inability to “unsee”.

Lord, thank you that we who were blind now can see.  And thank You that the truth we see in Christ is so grand that we simply cannot unsee it.  For now we know.  Help us This Day to keep our eyes focused on that which we have seen and know.  Amen.