Both Hands

1 Therefore there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus (Romans 8).

I used to read this verse as if it were talking about the future.  That in the future when all is done there will be no condemnation, no judgment, no wrath of God to befall me.  But in the last few years I’ve come to find much greater comfort in looking at it in the tense in which it is written.

Right “now” — this very moment — there “is” no condemnation for me.  It does not even exist.  It is not as if God is angry at me when I sin and out of love and forbearance is withholding His condemnation.  No, that’s not it at all. “There is now no condemnation” whatsoever for Him to withhold.  Why?  Because it has all been cast down and used up at the Cross.  He has already condemned every sin I ever committed and every sin I will ever commit.  His wrath upon me has already been completely used up on Jesus.  There is simply none left to pour out.

Lord, what security this gives us!  What joy in knowing You have nothing but love toward us!  You do not have love in one hand and withheld wrath clenched in the other behind Your back.  No, both hands are full of love to fully embrace us!  Help us to live This Day with such gratitude that we embrace You fully with both arms, living in such a way that pleases You and brings glory to You.  Amen.