The Great Blacksmith

12 Therefore, just as through one man sin entered into the world, and death through sin, and so death spread to all men, because all sinned … (Romans 5).

One root word “erchomai,” meaning “to come,” with two prepositions tied to it: “eis,” meaning “into,” and “dia,” meaning “through.”  Thus, “eiserchomai” and “dierchomai,” or “to come into” or “enter,” and “to come through,” or “spread.”  Thus, using the same root word, Paul described the essence of all our problems: sin came, and death spread.  Sin came into one man, thus spreading death throughout all men.  We all sin — because Adam did.

But we also are all Adams.  For, although we too may sin in isolation, we cannot sin without propagation.  The sin I commit all by myself, always spreads to other selves.  It is impossible to sin without it affecting others around us, for the effect of sin brought into our lives always spreads to affect the lives of others. 

This is the scariest part about being a parent: we spread sinfulness to our children.  Indeed, the sinful chains forged in the fires of ancestors are replicated in the fires of our own lives, thus to be reproduced again in the lives of our own progeny.  The thought of that is enough to bring despair.

But, praise God, it does not have to stay that way, for God’s Spirit can break those sinful chains — and indeed forge new ones — godly ones that bind us close to God and one another in His love! 

Thank You, Lord, for being the Great Blacksmith who in our lives is breaking old, sinful chains, and forging new, godly ones.  Help us This Day to keep ourselves in the forging fires of your Spirit, that — not sin — but the fruit of the Spirit might spread to those around us.  Amen.