Sin’s Metastatic Nature

12 Therefore, just as through one man sin entered into the world, and death through sin, and so death spread to all men, because all sinned … (Romans 5).

Sin enters, and death spreads — not just in community, but also personally and individually.  Just as no man has escaped the spread of sin to him, also has no man escaped the spread of sin in him.  The principle remains the same.  Sin is like cancer, which if undetected and untreated, always metastasizes it always spreads to other tissues in the body.  If we allow sin to enter, it will always spread — spread from our thoughts to our feelings, and from our feelings to our actions.

Whenever we commit sins, we nurture the Sinful nature which produced them — and bring on even more sins.  The drunkard nurtures his own alcoholism by drinking, the user by giving in to his habit — and both of them stealing to support their habit, while also lying to hide it.

We all have a besetting sin that entangles us unless we put it aside.  If do not lay it down, it will most certainly bring us down.  If we allow it an inch, it will take a mile.  If we give it a single thought, it will become an obsession.  If we only try a little splash in it, in the end it we will see that we drown.  

Lord, thank You for Your Spirit who lives in us, and helps us in our fight against sin.  Help us to rely on Him This Day so that we might take every thought captive and submit every feeling and every desire to You.  Let no sin metastasize in us.  Amen.