No Greater Witness

16 The Spirit Himself testifies with our spirit that we are children of God, … (Romans 8).

I remember once a long time ago witnessing with my roommate to a guy after a class in college.  After awhile, he asked us, “But how do you know this is true?  How do you know?”  As I stood there trying to think of an answer, my wise friend immediately responded, “I just do!  I can’t explain it, I just know!” 

He obviously had the Spirit testifying with his spirit — and there is a no more convincing witness than He!  And, as soon as I heard the words, so did I — for without thinking any further, I immediately chimed in, “Yeah, that’s right!  We just know!”  We don’t understand in order to have faith, we believe in order to understand.

The soul truly set faithfully on Jesus will always produce a mind diligently set on biblical truth, which in turn will always set the heart on fire for gospel living and proclamation.  The same Spirit that testifies with our spirit will always move us to testify to others.  True children of God always desire more siblings.

Lord, thank You for Your Spirit, who testifies to us of our own salvation in Christ!  Help us This Day to clearly hear His faithful testimony, especially as we seek to find more siblings through a faithful witness to them.  Amen.