Lofty Searches

27 and He who searches the hearts knows what the mind of the Spirit is (Romans 8).

This word “searches” is used only six times in the New Testament, and refers to just three kinds of investigations: either men searching the Scriptures, or God searching the hearts and minds of men, or the Spirit searching the mind of God — all lofty searches indeed!

Now, compare these searches with the kinds of things we would normally search for as we walk this earth — like stuff, significance, fame, and influence.  What would happen if we spent as much time searching the Scriptures and searching the mind of God, as we do searching for and chasing after stuff, significance, fame, and influence?  What a difference that would make in our lives!

Lord, help our searches This Day to be noble ones.  In every normal, earthly-bound search we find ourselves in according to the dictates of daily living, may those searches be infused with and guided by the higher searches of You and Your Word. Amen.