A Revealing Search

27 and He who searches the hearts knows what the mind of the Spirit is (Romans 8).

This word “searches” has as its core meaning the idea of “speaking,” thus giving the whole purpose of searching to be to speak forth that which has been searched and investigated.  In other words, the results are not kept to the one doing the searching.  Truth is not hidden.  Thus, the truth of the Scriptures, the truth of who God is, and the truth of our hearts — all of these are meant to be shared and brought out into the open.

God’s Spirit is always revealing the truth of what He finds in our hearts.  The question is, do we see it?  Do we cast a blind look at the blinding truth before us?  And if we do see it, do we then share it with others?

Lord, thank You that You leave no truth unveiled, whether it is the ugly truth of our own wickedness, or the beautiful truths of who You are and Your purposes laid out in the Scriptures.  Open our eyes This Day to every truth searched out in our hearts. And, as we search Your Word, help us to speak forth its truths, as they speak forth to us.  Amen.