Our Captain

31 What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who is against us (Romans 8)?

I remember well as a young boy the times when a bunch of us kids would choose teams to play different games.  First, captains were chosen, who then took turns choosing their players to form teams.  But they weren’t just teams — they were sides.  So and so became on my side, and so and so became on their side.  Thus, each side began the contest, glad to have been chosen by their captain, and with the belief that their team was the better team.

Well, God is our Captain, and by His grace and mercy He has chosen us to be on His side in a contest infinitely outweighing the gravitas of any “game” we could ever play.  Indeed, it is no game at all — it is a conflict, a war fought to the death.  And we are on the winning side!  Thus, it doesn’t matter who, representing the other side, comes against us.  All they can take is our life, and that belongs to God to live with Him forever.

Lord, thank You, Our Captain, for choosing us!  Help us This Day to think in terms of how we can be more on Your side, than trying to get You to be on ours.  Amen.