An Exchanged Debt

12 So then, brethren, we are under obligation, not to the flesh, to live according to the flesh … (Romans 8).

We have always been, and will always be — “under obligation” — debtors.  From birth we owed God for our sins, and from our new birth we owe Him for His grace.  Until God’s grace was poured upon us we did not know we owed Him for our sins.  Instead (if we believed in God at all) we thought He owed us — He owed us nice things and He owed us nice people, and He owed us nice circumstances.

But in the new birth we became free from that way of thinking and exchanged our debt for sin to a debt for grace.  And because His grace never ceases, neither does our debt for it.  And it is even His grace which causes us to realize our debt at all!  Without His grace continuing its outpouring in our lives, we will simply not live as debtors.  We will continue to think God owes us nice things and nice people and nice circumstances.  (Sound like the prosperity gospel?)

Lord, thank You for Your continued grace in our lives!  We need it This Day to help us understand our debt to You and thus not to live according to the flesh.  Lavish Your grace upon each one of us today!  Amen.