Missing High

21 … to live is Christ … (Philippians 1).

This is as succinct a mission statement can get: “to live is Christ.”  What more could be said?  What can be added, other than to flesh it out?  Everything about my life is to be all about Christ.  Everything I think, everything I plan, everything I do, everything I feel — all of it falls under the sovereign reign of Christ.  All of it pushes toward bringing glory to Him who is all glorious.

Of course, this is too lofty to attain.  Why, I have already failed in just these first few minutes of pondering.  And, there is no doubt I will continue to fail throughout this entire day.  Yet, it is worthy of my attempts.  

A good marksman does not simply throw the rifle up and shoot vaguely at the target.  No, he zero’s in on as small a piece of the bullseye as he can see before pulling the trigger.  For “Aim small, miss small” is his mantra.  Well, this teaches me a spiritual lesson as well: “Aim high, miss high.”  Even though I will never make everything in my life all about Christ, well, at least if I try and fail I will hit a higher mark.

Lord, help us This Day to miss high.  Amen.