Strange Idols

6 Be anxious for nothing … (Philippians 4).

Our English “nothing,” though pronounced differently, is actually “no-thing.”  How very interesting that it is the same in the Greek, except with a “d” thrown in the middle to separate two vowels.  Yes, our pronunciation disguises the true meaning of the word, causing us to glide through it without much thought.  But separate the two words that have been brought together and you immediately feel the full impact of the word — no thing.

Things make us anxious — all kinds of things — things from a shriek at night, to whispers heard only in the mind.  From things bringing physical threats, to those merely in our imagination.  Whatever their basis, they bring the same thing: paralyzing fear.  They consume our entire being, gaining the mind’s full attention, the will’s complete absorption, and the emotion’s deepest affections.  In short, they become idols, stealing us from and blinding us to the God of all comfort, who desires nothing but our best. 

Lord, deliver us from all anxieties — these strange idols that would blind us from seeing You.  Crush every anxiety that comes our way This Day.  Amen.