10 that I may know Him … (Philippians 3).

To my knowledge, I’ve never been accused of being a “name-dropper,” and am always quick to discern (and feel repugnance) when someone else is.  And yet, not long ago I found myself doing just that — even in a sermon!  While giving an illustration, I felt a sudden need to let the congregation know that I personally knew the man whose story I was relaying, and who also had been in the news that very week.  “Yeah, I know the guy.”

But who is he in comparison to the One who was raised from the dead?!  Ha!  I know none other than Jesus Christ Himself, the Alpha and Omega, the firstborn from the dead!  And what’s even better — He knows me, and even loves me!  He knows me by name, and considers me His brother and His friend, so can it get any better than that?  And one more thing — it’s OK to drop His name all I want, anytime I want.

Lord, oh, to know You and be known by You — how precious this is!  Help us This Day to be Your Name-Droppers wherever we go.  Amen.