The Supreme Sight Giver

15 Let us therefore, as many as are perfect, have this attitude; and if in anything you have a different attitude, God will reveal that also to you (Philippians 3).

The word “perfect” here I believe would be better translated “mature,” for that certainly seems the idea Paul is trying to convey.  “Mature” believers are indeed those who think this way, who are always pressing on in the faith, who have the “attitude” or “mindset” just described.  And for those yet immature in the faith, well, God will be working on them to “reveal” their lack.

From the beginning, and to the end, God, and God only, is the One who reveals truth.  He is the One who opens the eyes of the blind to see plainly what must be seen in order to be saved in the first place, as well sanctified in the second, and giving us hope to see our glorification in the third.  From now until the end we are all blind in some way, and God in His mercy and grace is the Supreme Sight-Giver.

Lord, thank You for revealing truth to us from the first day until now.  This Day we look forward to and will be grateful for any new sight You choose to give us.  Amen.