A Grander Scheme

16 … to the Jew first and also to the Greek … (Romans 1).

In His infinite wisdom God chose Abraham, an idolatrous nobody on the backside of nowhere, to form a nation of people whose capital and holy temple would be in Judea.  The Jews were called by that name because they represented that group of people living in Judea, whose God actually met with them in His Holy Temple in Judea.

As in all things, to accomplish anything you have to begin somewhere, and so God began by choosing one man, Abraham, and thus through him choosing an entire race of people for accomplishing His purpose of the redemption of all peoples from every tribe and every tongue and every race.  

The Jews were not first in rank, as if they were better than they or more deserving than the rest of mankind.  No, the Jews were first in time, because they were simply part of the succession of God’s grand-scale purpose to save all of mankind.  When Jesus said to the Syrophoenician woman (a Gentile), “I was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel” (Matthew 15:24), He did not mean He was not sent for anyone else.  No, He was sent to the Jews, that He might also save the Greeks.

I suppose in the same way, the purpose for God sending us anywhere is not exclusive to His purposes for using us somewhere else.  To God, the small scheme of things is always part of a much grander scheme.

Lord, help us This Day not to be short-sighted in Your purposes for us.  Help us to remain faithful wherever You have put us now, with the hope that our godly influence can be used for Your glory on a much grander scale.  Amen.