Eyes On, Hearts Toward

19 … so that they are without excuse … (Romans 1).

The phrase without excuse is from the one word anapologētos, meaning without apology, that is, having no apologetics, no defense — which makes their disbelief in God inexcusable.  Every time they look at creation, God’s eternal power and divine nature is staring them right in the face, and yet they are blind to it.  Simply said, no excuse exists either for atheism or agnosticism.

Yet, isn’t it interesting (I’m using a mild word here) how quickly we can make up excuses for our own disbelief — or, in fact, be blind to it?  Sure, through faith in Jesus Christ we have come to know God exists generally in the world, and specifically even in our own hearts … and yet … it is so easy to completely forget about Him at any given moment in the day — even while moving about in His creation — and to live our lives as if He doesn’t even exist.  We neither rely upon His awesome eternal power, nor bask in His all-wise and loving divine nature.  This is also inexcusable.

How we need Your sustaining grace, oh Lord!  Our disbelief and disregard for You — even for a moment — is inexcusable!  Help us This Day to direct our thoughts toward You — yes, to pray without ceasing — to live each moment with our eyes on our work, yet our hearts toward You, always relying upon Your awesome eternal power, and basking in Your all-wise and loving divine nature.  Amen.