Saving Faith

16 … to every one who has faith … (Romans 1).

The gospel has great power to save, but only to those who believe in faith.  Faith is the key that unlocks gospel power to save, and without faith a man remains shackled to his sins.  Without faith, the law of sin and death continues its reign over us, and though indeed it may exert its power to convict, yet the law itself can never save — only the gospel can do that, and then only by faith. 

Faith is not merely mental ascent, for as the Bible says: “The demons also believe and shudder” (James 2:19).  Several weeks ago I told a story in a sermon of an itinerate tight-rope walker who came to a village to show off his skills.  After fastening his rope across a deep ravine, the crowds watched in awe as he casually crossed the chasm on foot, quickly to return.  Above the applause he asked how many believed he could repeat the feat while pushing a wheelbarrow.  They answered with loud cheers, and then to their amazement witnessed the man dutifully fulfill his implied boast.  With even louder ovation in his ears, the acrobat then asked how many believed he could push his wheelbarrow across and back — with someone seated in it.  A tumultuous applause rang out, but was followed with a sobering silence.  Why?  He had asked them one final question: “Which of you will climb into my wheelbarrow?”  

This is true faith: to place our entire life into the arms of Jesus, who carries across the chasm between life and death any who truly believe in Him.

Lord, we thank you for the faith You have granted us so that we can be saved.  Help us This Day to help us others climb into this glorious gospel wheelbarrow.  Amen.