Truth Suppressors

18 … ungodliness and unrighteousness of men who suppress the truth in unrighteousness … (Romans 1).

To be ungodly and unrighteous is to suppress or hold back the truth of God.  Godly, righteous folks express truth; the ungodly and unrighteous suppress it.  They hold the gospel back from coming into their hearts, and they try to hold it back from coming into the hearts of anyone else.  They won’t believe it and they don’t believe anyone else should believe it either.  They close their eyes from it and try to shut the eyes of everyone else from it, too.  They will use anything they can (materialism, pleasures, philosophy, even religion) to cover their eyes from the truth.

The other day I saw a video on Facebook of a dog with a box top in her mouth, which covered her entire face so that she blindly walked around bumping into things.  No matter how many times she stumbled over curbs or walked into trees and walls, she simply refused to release her new-found treasure.  And no amount of coaching or cajoling by her owners could dissuade her from holding on to that box top.  She was bound and determined to have it and keep it, and growled at anyone trying to take it from her!

Lord, help us to see that every time we refuse to look at or listen to the truth of Your Word, or every time we refuse to share the truth of the Gospel to others when given the opportunity — it is in those times that we are doing nothing less than suppressing the truth, acting like an ungodly and unrighteous person who is walking around with blinders on.  Help us This Day to express truth and not suppress it.  Amen.