Beloved of God

7 to all who are beloved of God in Rome … (Romans 1).

The beloved, agapētos (those unconditionally loved), darlings, dears, the dearest of all, precious jewels, adored, cherished, treasured, the prized: THAT is what I am in Christ Jesus.  That God would see me this way is sometimes so hard for me to believe!  This is especially the case when I am going through rough times.  I just don’t feel His gentle hand upon me — while being crushed by everything else weighing down upon me.  I don’t feel the wisp of His breath speaking words of love — while tempestuous winds are raging all around me.

Yet my feelings do not matter.  What DOES matter is the truth of this pronouncement concerning me.  I am indeed His darling child: more precious than a world of diamonds; and as adored, cherished, treasured, and prized as anyone else who is a part of His Bride, the Church.

Oh Lord, thank You for loving us!  Thank You for loving our church!  Thank You that we are all Your Beloved!  Lord, lavish this love of Yours upon us this day, so that we may feel it deep and strong in our hearts.  May we all This Day radiate the warmth of this wondrous love to others around us so that it shines brightly for all to see.  Amen.