Different and Difference

1 Paul, … set apart for the gospel of God … (Romans 1).

Paul’s calling involved being set apart from others.  Indeed, he was set apart from the rest of the apostles in being the greatest of them, even as he considered himself the least of them.  And there is no doubt that down through the centuries he has been set apart from every other Christian who has ever lived.  To be like Christ is always our goal, yet we would not fail if all we ever measured up to was the apostle Paul.

What greater thing is there to be set apart for than the gospel of God?  What greater purpose is there than being an instrument to bring others the message of salvation through Jesus Christ?  The word saint also means to be set apart — to be set apart for God.  Thus, as saints and ambassadors, all believers are set apart in knowing God through the gospel as well as set apart in living for God for the sake of the gospel.  We have been saved by the good news, and thus our lives must always reflect that good news.  The two naturally must come together — indeed, they must feed off of one another — and the apostle Paul is our greatest example to follow.

Lord, thank You for this glorious gospel!  Make our lives stand out and be set apart from all others in this world who are consumed by everything but the gospel.  Help us This Day to live in such a way that we experience and reflect the good news of Jesus.  Help us to be so different from the lost that we might help make a difference in them.  Amen.