Holy Power

4 who was declared the Son of God with power by the resurrection from the dead, according to the Spirit of holiness, Jesus Christ our Lord … (Romans 1).

Two words: “power” and “holiness.”  I am so glad they come together in our God.  He can do anything He wants, yet everything He does is clothed in holiness.  He is as Aslan, the Christ-figure described in The Chronicles of Narnia: “He is not a tame lion — but he is good.”  There is no power above Him that could bring Him into its submission.  He submits only to the holiness within Himself.  The greatest Power is of Himself also Holy.

A strong and undeniable declaration is made that Jesus Christ is the Son of God because His life was marked by such holiness that even death could not hold back the power of His life.  That is why He is Lord, and that is why He is our Lord.  We claim Him who loved us with a holy love by laying aside His power for a time, in death, so that He might show the greatest power of all — the resurrection from the dead.

Lord, I am so glad that in Your power You can do anything You want to us, and yet in Your holiness You do only what is good for us.  Help us This Day to use whatever feeble power we have only in a holy way — a way that loves and helps others by pointing them to Jesus.   Amen.