The Best Spiritual Awareness

23 The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit (Philippians 4).

No greater intercession can be made than to pray for another to experience “the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.”  Paul could have just prayed for that grace to be with “you,” but instead he wrote “with your spirit.”  That’s because he wanted them to be aware of that grace.  The truth of the matter is, everyone of us is constantly living under the grace of God, for our Lord is in some way constantly gracious to every living creature.  Ah, but to be aware of that grace, well, that’s something else.  It is the best spiritual awareness there is.

Whenever we are at any moment aware in our spirit of our Lord’s grace, that awareness does something to us.  Indeed it has a most profound effect, changing both our attitude as well as our behavior.  While being aware in our spirit of His grace, we cannot help but feel both humbled and grateful, and we cannot help but be both more kind and less judgmental toward others.  Such an experience makes us truly more spiritual, and we could never grow weary of it.

Lord, throughout This Day may the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ indeed be with our spirits!  Amen.