The Faithful Sender

1 Paul, … called as an apostle … (Romans 1).

Paul saw himself as one who is sent, which is what the word apostle literally means.  To be sent means an outward, independent source, which is the idea of called as well.  And of course this source is God Himself.  He called Paul so He might send him out.  Paul did not make this choice himself; it was God’s choice.  Paul merely responded with the same obedience as Lazarus when he was called from the grave and sent out of the tomb.  He could do no other.

God has called me out of the tomb of my deadness and depravity to send me into this world as His ambassador.  Though, from my perspective, it seems as if I choose to follow Him, I know that apart from His continual calling in my life, I would never have enough spiritual energy within me to stay the course.  I need His constant calling in order to continue.  I need to hear the Sender’s sweet voice in order to keep going.

Lord, thank you for being such a Faithful Sender, and how You never give up on us.  Forgive us for the many times we have been unfaithful and unworthy in our calling to follow You.  We want to be faithful ambassadors This Day.  We want to be diligent to declare Your message through word and deed, knowing always that it is Your message, and not our own.  Amen.