The Lion's Roar

1 Paul, … called as an apostle … 6 … among whom you also are the called of Jesus Christ … (Romans 1).

Paul begins and ends his introduction with the concept of calling.  God called him to be an apostle, and God calls people to follow Jesus Christ.  Because God is a God who speaks, we must have ears to hear in order to respond to Him whenever He calls out.  And there is no mistaking it when it happens.  To us, the still, small voice of a loving, sovereign God is like the roar of a lion reverberating in our ears. 

I know I am called of Jesus Christ because He is the Good Shepherd and my ears have learned the sound of His voice — for it is a one like none other.  No one sends either comfort or rebuke like His voice.  The Lion of Judah roars, and I hear Him calling me.

Thank You, Lord, for being a God who calls, for opening up our dead and deaf ears to hear, and for continuing to make our ears sensitive to Your calling in our lives.  Give us This Day ears to hear You calling us to a closer and closer walk with You.  Amen.