The One For All

13 I can do all things through Him who strengthens me (Philippians 4).

Not long ago I met a believer who professed this verse as one of her two “life verses” which have guided and helped her along in her Christian life.  No doubt she is one of countless others holding the same sentiments.  And why not?  For these words truly carry an amazing promise on its dual wings of quantity and quality.  Indeed, “all things” expands the experience beyond limits, while “through Him” shrinks it down to but one Person.

No storm exists which cannot be weathered; no grief which cannot be passed through; no obstacle which cannot be overcome.  Nothing can ever meet us without Jesus also meeting it.  For Christ is the brave Captain on our floating ship, the sweet Comforter in our deepest sorrow, the faithful Coach in all our fiercest contests.  He is the Great Qualifier.  He, the One, makes the “all” possible.  He is truly the One for all.

Lord, we thank You for this wonderful promise.  Help us This Day to face anything coming our way with confidence in the One who will surely help us get through it.  Amen.