A Floating Cross

10 as it is written, “There is none righteous, not even one … (Romans 3).

The best of us are not good enough, and when measured against the righteousness of God, the worst of us are really not all that far behind the best of us.  Paul is saying that since none of us is righteous anyway, and our righteousness falls so short of God’s glory (he’ll emphasize this in a verse to come), it’s silly to compare ourselves with others and think we’re better than they.

When the Titanic finally sank, every single person who was still on board perished — both good and bad.  It didn’t matter if some could swim better than others, or at least tread water longer than others.  No, they all (every single one of them) finally succumbed to the frigid water.  In just the same way, every single one of us have succumbed to sin that has made our hearts ice-cold before God.  Our only hope is a life raft, and I’m so glad the Cross of Christ floats!

You might remember how on 9/11 God gave us all hope at the end of that tragic day by allowing a lone cross to remain in the rubble of those two buildings that came crashing down.  It stood tall, when everything around it had fallen to a heap.

Lord, Thank.You.For.The.Cross.  Thank you that we are safely on it, floating through this world of sin.  Warm our hearts This Day with the truth of the gospel that has been planted there.  And help us also to be a godly warmth that others in this cold, cold world would be drawn to.  Amen.