A Sweet Libation

10 as it is written, … 11 There is none who understands … (Romans 3).

To understand literally means to unite that which is sent.  It is to unite the truth that God has sent with our minds.  It is to be one with God in thought, to agree with Him.  But no one does that for none understands.  Nobody.  Sin has affected our minds so that — apart from the help of God — we will never “get it”.  No lightbulbs over our heads.

Reflecting on my salvation only a few days after that amazing event took place, I remember having a distinct image in my mind of God opening my head up as if it were on a hinge, and pouring His truth into my brain.  That’s when I understood the gospel.  It only became clear to me because God showed it to me — otherwise, I never would have figured it out, no not in a million years.

No one is going to be standing in heaven, with thumbs in armpits, strutting around boasting in how one day they had figured it all out and understood — on their own— that Jesus died for sinners, and that that included them, and they knew they needed to repent and believe.  No, of course not.  If we could understand the gospel on our own, then we would have something to boast about.  But, we have nothing to boast about at all.  Any spiritual truth we ever come to grips with is by the grace of God who unites it with our minds.

Lord, thank You that we have nothing to boast in but You and Your amazing grace in our lives!  Any spiritual understanding we have is due solely to the sweet libation You pour into our hearts and minds.  As we do our part This Day in using our brains and striving to understand the truths we read in Your Word, may we strive even harder to humble ourselves in asking You to show us those truths.  And then, once having understood those truths, help us humbly to stand under them.  Amen.