Disinclined Hearts

10 as it is written, … 12 All have turned aside” … (Romans 3).

To turn aside is another word with a root and a preposition before it.  It literally means “to slope away from” and figuratively means “to be less inclined.”  At some point in our lives every person chooses to disincline their hearts toward God and His ways.  They are not even conscious of it, they just rebel at not getting their own way, or they react to someone else (a sibling perhaps) intruding into their lives.  And, at that point they begin moving down that incline, that slippery slope that eventually will lead to destruction, unless God’s grace intervenes.

To intervene on our behalf, Jesus turned aside, that is, He became disinclined towards the joys of His reign in heaven — and, if you will, slid down to a life of submission on earth.  He became exactly like all of us, but for the fact that He never disinclined Himself toward His heavenly Father and His will.  He always continued to walk upward on every slippery slope He found Himself upon.  Unlike us, He never turned aside.

Thank You, Lord, for never turning aside from Your heavenly Father.  Thank You for leaving heaven to come here to save us.  And, thank You for forgiving us for so often turning aside from You and Your ways — even as we sometimes continue to do so, even as Your people!   May This Day be one in particular where our hearts are more inclined than ever toward You.  Amen.