Inside Out and Upside Down

31 Do we then nullify the Law through faith?  May it never be!  On the contrary, we establish the Law (Romans 3).

We began this chapter with Paul’s declaration that our unbelief would not nullify (move something downward toward inactivity or idleness) the faithfulness of God.  Here we see Paul saying our belief (faith) will nor nullify the Law of God.  Thus, our unbelief does not nullify God’s faithfulness, and our belief does not nullify God’s Law.

Rather, our faith establishes (causes to stand) the Law of God.  What does he mean?  He means that true faith proves — establishes — the fact that God’s laws are right.  He means that when we truly believe inwardly, we will naturally obey outwardly, and live according to God’s laws.  True belief within the heart always allows God’s ways to work themselves out of the heart.  True belief always causes actions to align themselves with God’s ways — but not just in an outward show of us forcing ourselves to do what is right.  No, true belief causes a change within us so that we are empowered to do do what is right — from the heart.  

Lord, in a day when our culture is telling us Your ways are provincial and obsolete, help us to live out our faith in such a way that we establish Your ways as absolute truth for all people and for all time.  May our faith working inside out cause our world to be turned upside down.  And may it begin This Day.  Amen.