To a Man

10 as it is written, … 12 … together they have become useless; there is none who does good, there is not even one” (Romans 3).

To really hammer home his point, Paul uses the word together, which means to a man, everyone.  That is, to a man, everyone are useless and none does good, no, not even one does good!  Why such an emphasis?  Probably because we all tend to think we are the exception — or at least someone whom everyone agrees is really, really good (like Gandhi, for example) is the exception.

But the brutal truth is, there are no exceptions!  So, let’s look at this from a positive perspective, for this also means we are all in this sin thing together — to a man, every last one of us.  Therefore, why not try to help one another out?  While in this struggle against sin, instead of blaming others, or thinking we’re better than others, or trying to get ahead of others — why not do whatever we can so that others don’t sink deeper into sin?  Instead of putting on our tennis shoes, trying to leave our co-hikers behind in the dust to be eaten by the roaring lion, why not stay with them and join together in the fight — to a man?

Lord, help us This Day not to miss opportunities to join together with others in the fight against sin — for their sakes, as well as our own.  Let us not try to fight sin all by ourselves.  Amen.