Used of God

10 as it is written, … 12 … together they have become useless; there is none who does good, there is not even one” (Romans 3).

God is a God who does not merely observe — He directs — which means He uses. He uses those who place themselves in His marvelous, creative, and redemptive Hands.  Thus our efforts are in vain in trying to do any righteous deed on our own; indeed such attempts are useless.  But, worse than that, it means they themselves are useless.  It says, “…they have become useless.”

What greater sense of satisfaction can I have than knowing I am being used of God?  Can there be any greater purpose in my life?  My overall purpose in life must be to be a life that is consistently used of God for His purposes.  The question is, in what specific ways can I be used of God today?  The answer is: in everything I do.  If it is Your Hands doing the work through me, no deed, no matter how small or unseen, is insignificant, and certainly not useless.

Lord, what a glorious thought, that You would use any of us!  May Your marvelous, creative, and redemptive Hands use us all This Day — in everything we do.  In whatever our hands find to do today, may we be found in Your Hands — being used by You to accomplish everything You desire.  Amen.