Deathly Detours

25 For indeed circumcision is of value if you practice the Law; but if you are a transgressor of the Law … (Romans 2).

A transgressor is one who steps around or sidesteps something — in this case, the Law of God.  He sees God’s ways as inconvenient hindrances and obstacles to avoid, rather than the only paths that are true and right.  A transgressor views God’s ways as roads full of unpleasant bumps — so he follows detours away from them (the signs of which are gladly placed by a diabolical devil, a wicked world, and his own foolish flesh), not realizing that those detours, though pleasantly smooth and full of wonderful sights, will never lead him where he really needs to go.  No, indeed.  They are all leading him over a cliff.

Lord, Your ways often seem so inconvenient, so difficult, and, quite frankly, just plain unnecessary.  And, most every time, we are so tempted to follow the glittering signs of inviting detours that pop up, enticing us to step around Your ways.  Help us to see both for what they truly are — Your ways as ways of Life to lead us closer to You, and those detours as ways of Death that will lead us over a cliff.  Keep us in Your ways This Day.  Amen.