Real Purpose

17 For the Scripture says to Pharaoh, “For this very purpose I raised you up, to demonstrate My power in you, and that My name might be proclaimed throughout the whole earth” (Romans 9).

It’s always about God, not us.  Demonstrating His power and glory and to make His name known, is His prime motivation in all things.  A king sitting on his throne, no less than the star spinning in its orbit, is put there for the express purpose of pointing people to His power and His name.  

God is the only rightful egotist, the only one who can display a healthy and sinless egomania.  For, from His name and from Him only flows every good thing.  His power authors only good and His name fathers only good.

Lord, as we make our plans for This Day, help us above all else to purpose to make Your power and your name known in whatever we do and wherever we are.  Amen.