Merciful Rain

18 So then He has mercy on whom He desires, and He hardens whom He desires (Romans 9).

Where God’s mercy is not extended, hardness of heart continues.  It’s like the absence of rain on parched ground — the ground is hard due to the lack of rain.  Just so, hearts are dry and parched without the mercy of God pouring out living water into them.

Why God pours out mercy on some and not others is yet another mystery we cannot fully grasp.  We may as well try to fathom the Trinity or the Incarnation — they are all just too deep for us.  We have no trouble accepting God’s refusal to have mercy on fallen angels, yet could He not pour out His mercy even upon them, if He so desired?  Does this not make His choosing of us even more special?

Oh Lord, why did you show mercy upon the likes of us?  And, why do you continue to do so?  May the acceptance of this mystery sink deep into us like rain on parched ground.  Let Your merciful rain soften our hearts This Day.  Amen.