No Contest

37 But in all these things we overwhelmingly conquer through Him who loved us (Romans 8).

These two words, “overwhelmingly conquer,” translate one word in the Greek, and it is the only time it is used in the entire Bible.  It means there is “no contest” really at all.  It would be like a high school soccer team defeating a bunch of six-year-olds in a match.  Ho, hum.  A complete wipeout!  It means when no relief, no room, no rest, no food, no clothes, no safety, and no peace come our way … they all fall like dominoes with the flick of a little finger.

Now, what is significant to me is that it describes us, not God, who overwhelming conquer.  Yet, we only do so “through Him,” and only because He “loved us.”  Apart from God’s love for and power in us, we could have no spiritual conquest whatsoever (much less an overwhelming one!) in our lives — period. 

Thank You, Lord, for being the Almighty One who makes us overwhelming conquerers in the face of any trials that come our way.  Should any fall upon us This Day, help us through Christ our Lord to make it “no contest.”  Amen.