No Let Down

11 For the Scripture says, “Whoever believes in Him will not be disappointed.” 12 … abounding in riches (Romans 10).

To be “disappointed” means to be let down to the point of feeling ashamed.  But we are assured here that this will absolutely never, ever happen to us who have “believed in Him” — never.  For we are always “abounding in riches” — the likes of which the world cannot compare.  For our riches can never be lost or stolen or used up.  They continue to abound, because the grace of God always abounds.

I haven’t seen the news in a few days, so I don’t know if anyone has won the Lottery yet.  It had reached the highest jackpot ever, at almost a half a billion (yes, that’s an “illion” with a “B” in front of it) dollars.  Whoever wins it will of course be set for life.  At least, that is what is expected.  And yet, I’ve heard reports of at least six accounts of individuals in the past who have won millions upon millions of dollars, only to end up bankrupt and destitute.  They most assuredly have become “disappointed” and ashamed.  How sad.

Thank You, Lord, that the riches You lavish upon us are so abounding that we can never lose them or use them up.  Because there is no let down in the giving of Your riches, we never feel let down.  Help us This Day not to let You down in any way, either by our words or our deeds.  Amen.