Comfort and Confidence

17 so that the man of God may be adequate, equipped for every good work (2 Timothy 3).

Paul is writing to a pastor, “the man of God” in Ephesus, who is in charge of the flock there. His encouragement to him, along with every other pastor, or person feeding a flock, is the power of the Scriptures to make them “adequate” for the “good work” they are called to do.

As a pastor who has not been gifted by God with a handsome stature, or a commanding voice, or a charismatic personality, I find great comfort and confidence in knowing that my adequacy in ministry is not dependent upon such things. Indeed, those kind of external characteristics pale in comparison to the power of God’s Word as it is faithfully lived and taught. The transforming power of the scriptures working in my own life, as well as my accurate proclamation of them—these alone make me (or any other servant of God) adequate in ministry.

Lord, thank You for Your Word! Help us This Day to be faithful to live it and to proclaim it any chance we get. Amen.