No Lazy Farmers

6 The hard-working farmer ought to be the first to receive his share of the crops (2 Timothy 2).

If you have ever known a farmer, then you know someone who knows the meaning of hard work. Through the entire process of cultivation, planting, and harvesting, a farmer strives against the elements so that he and his family can eat. A lazy farmer is a starving farmer.

And just so, a lazy Christian is a spiritually starving one. Those who would be fed spiritually must do their due diligence in personal study of God’s Word. For it is God’s Word which cultivates the heart and prepares it for the seeds of Truth that are planted there for future harvests. Just a few minutes each day of diligent reading, studying, and contemplating the Word of God will reap years of blessings.

Lord, help us This Day not to be lazy farmers. Amen.