The Perfect Drug

9 For this reason also, since the day we heard of it, we have not ceased to pray for you and to ask that you [would be]… 10 … increasing in the knowledge of God … (Colossians 1).

If God is infinite in nature (which He is), then it stands to reason any one of His eternal attributes would take an infinite amount of time to fathom. Combine all of those eternal attributes, and … well … that gives us plenty of which to occupy our finite minds. Even the most ancient of angelic hosts, who have such a huge jump on us of both time and proximity, have not even begun to plummet the depths of “the knowledge of God.”

A stagnant Christian is an oxymoron. We are meant to continue in spiritual growth from the moment of our rebirth to the moment of our death, to the millionth billionth millennium of our celestial experience. We can never grow tired of gaining more knowledge of God, for the more we know of Him the more of Him we want to know. The reader will have to pardon me if this sounds too profane, but I will say it anyway: He is the perfect drug that ever satisfies, while simultaneously ever producing more longing. We know Him well enough, yet never enough.

Lord, help us This Day to grow in our knowledge of You. Amen.