Holy and Beloved

12 So, as those who have been chosen of God, holy and beloved … (Colossians 3).

Of all the descriptions of a follower of Christ, these two surely shine above the rest: “holy and beloved” of God. 

The word “holy” means “awful”—as in to bring a sense of awe to the beholder. Because the Holy Spirit actually lives within us, we too are holy. Even the angels themselves look upon us with awe, hardly believing their eyes. The word holy also carries with it the idea of one-of-a-kindness. Thus, just as there is no one like God, there is also no one like the redeemed of God. No one.

To be “beloved” is a wonderful thing, but to be beloved of God Himself, oh, this surely a matchless thing! That the One who is the most lovely Being in all of heaven and earth should extend His love to us—why there is absolutely nothing else like it. Indeed, one could be despised by every living creature that exists, or has ever existed, and yet if that person is beloved of God, all that loathing is but an ounce compared to the immeasurable weight of joy and happiness the love of God supplies.

Lord, thank You that we are holy and beloved in Your eyes. Help us This Day to sense this in a greater way than ever before. Amen.