At Home

16 Let the word of Christ richly dwell within you … (Colossians 3).

To “dwell” means to live in a dwelling—to be housed within a house, i.e. to make one’s home somewhere. Thus, the Word made flesh, Jesus Christ, must find willing acceptance into our lives, living there just as He lived on earth. 

But it is not enough just to isolate our Lord in some obscure corner of the home, not allowing Him free access to all parts of the house. No, it is only right that as the Builder of the house He is to dwell “richly” within us, having full run of the place. Thus, He is welcome where we eat, sleep, and find entertainment.

Lord, we welcome You into our lives and homes. May You find Yourself at Home in our lives This Day to move around freely wherever You desire. Amen.