Rare Words

4 I say this so that no one will delude you with persuasive argument (Colossians 2).

The word “delude” is found in only one other place in the Bible, where we are warned against self-delusion through being only “hearers of the word, and not doers” (James 1:22). The words “persuasive argument” come from one word, which appears no where else in the Bible at all. Thus, the gist of this sentence comes from rare words indeed.

Paul’s purpose in this letter is simple: to keep the Colossians from delusion due to specious discourse from others. Perhaps as he was using such rare words, he was hoping that the experience those rare words describe would also be rare in the lives of these Colossians—and indeed, every Christian. Deception and delusion are at the very core of everything Satan throws at us, and he will use anyone and everyone available for these purposes.

Lord, help us This Day to keep these rare words rare in our lives. Amen.