More Than a Slogan

6 Therefore as you have received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in Him …(Colossians 2).

Thirty six years ago I launched a ministry to college students at what was then Mesa College. Our first meetings were held under a tree in front of the Student Union building. I chose this verse as our theme and placed it on every letterhead and business card. I cannot read it without a flood of memories. But I love this verse, not just for those memories, but of course for its innate value as Scripture and truth. It is far more than just an organizational slogan.

We “received Christ Jesus the Lord” through repentance and faith—and we “walk in Him” in the same way, doing the same thing. The Christian life is a life of repentance and faith, for the way we walk in the Kingdom of God is the same way we got into it in the first place—repentance and faith. This side of heaven we will never need to stop repenting of sins and believing in our Savior who died for them.

Lord, help us This Day to repent quickly of any sins we might commit, and to believe with all our hearts that the finished work on Calvary paid for them in full. Amen.