Running For Our Lives

9 … Abhor what is evil; cling to what is good (Romans 12).

This is the only place in the entire New Testament where this word “abhor” is used—yet how appropriately placed it is. Of all the things to “abhor” (“to have an intense horror of”), it is evil itself.  Isn’t this what “horror movies” are all about—running away in sheer desperation from the bad things trying to get them? Contrast this to the command to “cling” (“to glue, cement, or fasten together”), and the picture is clear: we are to separate and detach ourselves as far as possible from evil, yet firmly attach ourselves as close as we can to good.

There is no in-between here. Evil and goodness are as far opposites as opposites can get. It doesn’t get any worse than evil, and it doesn’t get any better than goodness. The only thing similar between them should be the intensity to which we approach them: either a detachment out of abject horror, or an attachment out of irresistible attraction. In either case we are running for our very lives—either away from evil or toward good.

Lord, help us This Day to run for our lives—away from evil and toward You. Amen.