A Taming Faith

21 … but as it is written, “They who had no news of Him shall see, and they who have not heard shall understand” (Romans 15).

There is nothing quite like telling the good “news” to someone who has never heard it before—it is even greater to observe them as they “see” and “understand” that good news. We saw it on the mission field in the jungles among peoples of a tribal, animistic religion. But make no mistake. We can also see it in the concrete jungles in America among people who have here and there heard only snippets of the good news—or, worse yet, heard only a false gospel delivered by false witnesses. For a jungle is a jungle where the untamed live, and any who have yet to “see” and “understand” are still but lost and untamed souls.

I myself was a young, untamed man of nineteen or twenty before anyone ever explained the good news to me. Sadly, “seeing” and “understanding” were not my response at that time, however, the seeds of the faith were indeed planted, which soon grew within my soul to the point of bursting forth out of the dark ground of disbelief and into the bright light of taming faith.

Lord, how many yet untamed people around us have never had anyone simply sit them down and clearly explain the good news to them? How many have only heard snippets hear and there? Help us This Day to be prepared to share the good news so that someone might be brought into this taming faith of spiritual sight and understanding. Amen.