A Sacred “With”

29 I know that when I come to you, I will come in the fullness of the blessing of Christ (Romans 15).

The word translated “in” here can also be translated “with”—which brings a different truth to this verse. What a great attitude to nurture and maintain in our everyday lives: to go everywhere we go with the express intention of bringing that blessing to others. Life becomes not about what I have to offer others, as if any blessing I might give could possibly even come close to the blessings of Christ Himself. No, life becomes about all the opportunities afforded me each day to bring nothing less than “the blessing of Christ” to others. Nothing else will do. Indeed, nothing else matters, for we have a sacred “with” with us.

And then, after going, to leave every encounter with two questions in mind: 1) “Did I actually bring them ‘the blessing of Christ?’” as well as 2) “Where else can I go to bring ‘the blessing of Christ?’” Everyone, everywhere, and every day needs “the blessing of Christ” in some form. How can we bring it?

Lord, thank You for filling us with “the blessing of Christ” in our lives. Help us This Day, wherever we go, to be intentional in bringing “the blessing of Christ” to others. Amen.